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Absolutely, enjoy a 30-day free trial with no obligation to continue. Cancel anytime if it’s not right for you.

No, bymattis does not take any commission from your sales. Your only cost is the monthly subscription fee for using our platform.

No hidden fees here. Your monthly subscription covers all features. Note that Stripe and PayPal will apply their standard processing fees to transactions.

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Indeed, you have full access to export all customer data and order information from bymattis whenever you need.
Payments are directly processed to your chosen provider (Stripe, PayPal), ensuring swift and secure transactions.
Yes, bymattis adheres to GDPR/CCPA regulations, ensuring data is managed securely and in compliance with legal standards. Customers’ data can be managed, archived, or deleted upon request or automatically.
No need for a separate website; bymattis is a standalone platform hosted on our secure servers in Geneva, Switzerland.
Absolutely! Our team is on hand to provide continuous support and guidance, helping you optimize your shop and payment processes. Learn more by clicking here.
Certainly! bymattis seamlessly integrates with various management tools, allowing exports of orders and customer data in multiple formats like .xlsx, .csv, .json.
Our servers are securely housed in Geneva, Switzerland, managed by the reputable Infomaniak.
Sell globally in any country supported by Stripe and Paypal, in any currency.
Definitely. Personalize your shop with your own domain or sub-domain, such as

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