With over 15 years in Ecommerce, I’ve witnessed numerous online stores struggle from the start.

The reason? Many were based on complex, inefficient, and costly Ecommerce platforms – hardly ideal for fast and easy selling to a community.

Our goal with bymattis.com is straightforward: provide a ready-to-use solution with pre-configured and optimized features to turn your community into loyal customers.

Matthias Perrot, Founder of bymattis.

Our Mission

Amidst a complex e-commerce landscape, we're committed to offering entrepreneurs a streamlined, efficient online sales platform. Our aim is to be an integral part of your growth journey!

Our Vision

bymattis is set to democratize and streamline the pathway to online sales. As social networks turn into product showcases, uploading and purchasing products should be swift and hassle-free. Welcome to the ease of bymattis!


gary mint

Co-Founder & CEO


Founder with over 15 years of Ecommerce experience across both small businesses and large international corporations.

sara niels

Co-Founder & CTO


Meet us

bymattis is based in Geneva, Switzerland, as is our server hosting, ready to boost your online sales.

Just passing through? Contact us and we’ll be happy to recommend the best spots by the lake or in the mountains!


Got questions?

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